Late Night with Frank Reynolds

It’s been awhile since the last late night and that can be blamed on Donald Trump. That dickhead keeps calling me trying to get me invest my billions in his campaign and I keep telling him no. But back to it:


Shouts to Tommy Miles for this beaut of a song. My fav Chance The Rapper is featured with Octave Minds who specialize in creating unreal instrumentals aka the one Chance spits over.

Turnip (For Greek Will):

Flume and Vince Staples is something that needs to continue to happen. This track is a Big Mac dipped in dope sauce.


Shouts to Ian from Boston and Meeker from Irie (ew) cause this song gave us all goosebumps in Boston when we saw Alt-J live. Get this in your ears right now.


Easily my favorite Bob Dylan song. This song is inspiring and makes you want to go run a mile even if you’re fat and out of shape like myself and almost every other wirter. Called out




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