Hip-hop/R&B Weekly Review (1/22-1/29)

My goal when I agreed to write for this site was simple: bring as much good music as possible to as many people as possible. While I have been able to provide you dedicated readers with some great material, there is still so much more I’d like to share. Due to my busy schedule, I really don’t have the time to write about everything I want to during the week. So I decided to create a weekly post in which I will detail my favorite and all noteworthy releases from the past week in the realm of my expertise (hip-hop/R&B). Since this is my first one, I will have two features that came out a little prior to last Friday but I know you won’t mind because who doesn’t like more music to vibe to? Exactly, so without further ado, let’s kick things off.

Anderson .Paak drops “Malibu”

Both myself and fellow writer Chewb have mentioned Anderson .Paak previously, so I won’t get too much into detail but you should definitely check out this new album. It is super smooth and is a perfect album to throw on when you’re just trying to relax for a bit.

Rockie Fresh releases a new mixtape, “The Night I Went To…”

Many of you may not be familiar with the MMG artist’s work, but let me assure you that Rockie Fresh is dope. His new mixtape is filled with quality music, including my personal favorites, “Call Me (When It’s Over)” and “Down to Roll.” If nothing else, at least give these two tracks a listen.

Wiz Khalifa releases “Bake Sale” featuring Travis Scott

I already posted this so you can check it out here but it was still worth mentioning.

Producer J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League drops a superstar packed project

This mixtape is loaded with some of the game’s hottest artists and some fantastic instrumentals for all occasions. Whether you are trying to get lit up with some trap music, hear some incredible wordplay, or vibe out to some R&B, this mixtape has at least one song you’ll like.

A$AP Rocky releases three new, mastered tracks

I’ll let the music speak for itself.

Rihanna’s “ANTI” goes platinum in one day

While I can’t post any of the music from the album on here, just know, this is an impressive feat. Granted, there is a catch. Most of these albums were downloaded for free using a code that includes a trial to TIDAL. So, although the album is certified platinum by the RIAA, it will actually sell no where near the required 1 million copies. But this is a music site and from what I’ve heard, the album is different for her, but still good. I can personally say I’ve heard the track “Work” featuring Drake and it is fantastic. I look forward to listening to the whole thing sometime soon.

There were a few other things that came out this week worth mentioning: an unreal, previously unreleased freestyle on Tim Westwood by Eminem and Proof from 1999. You can find that on our Twitter page @abeataday365. For any 2 Chainz fans, he released a mixtape this week called “Felt Like Cappin” and a mastered version of the Lil’ Wayne song “Cry Out (Amen)” came out which is a nice flashback to the 06 Lil’ Wayne, who killed just about everything he touched. That should get you through to next week. Please enjoy responsibly.

G Baby


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