New Iggy Pop & Josh Homme and Last in Line


Punk rock legend Iggy Pop has teamed up with Josh Homme of Queens of the Stone Age in secret to put out a new record. And surprisingly in this day and age, it was kept secret until they came out with the information themselves. The song is ominous and dark in a great way and is worth checking out.

Last in Line formed in 2012 in honor of the passing of Ronnie James Dio 2 years before, with a line up of classic bandmates from both Rainbow and Dio. They played Dio’s hits for a while before finally deciding to put out some new music for themselves. Their upcoming album “Heavy Crown” is due out February 12th. Unfortunately, bassist Jimmy Bain passed away last Saturday (January 23), which I didn’t write about because frankly I’m tired of all the losses the music community has had in such a short time. But the band is pushing forward and just released this song, shortly after Jimmy’s passing. A slow, heavy jam were the vocals are very clearly Dio inspired, but are far from trying to copy the late vocalist’s iconic style and range.


Rest in peace, Jimmy Bain.



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