Sorry 4 The Wait

This past weekend you may have been asking yourself, “How come my favorite writer, G Baby, hasn’t posted in a week?” I would like to apologize for my absence as I had every intention of writing a couple blogs for you. Unfortunately, I was away on business (aka visiting a friend and drinking excessively for no reason) and this friend did not have wifi. So last night when I got back I thought of a way to make it up to you all. Here are 4 tracks that I would’ve posted about, including the always popular throwback Thursday track that I know you so desperately missed this week. Sorry 4 the wait everyone. Enjoy!

Bad- Michael Jackson

One of the best MJ songs of all time. Throw this on at any time and feel the groove.

Bake Sale- Wiz Khalifa (ft Travis Scott)

Shoutout to Pittsburgh as the hometown kid drops a hot new track featuring Travis Scott, who continues his hot streak with another catchy hook.

Gangsta Walk- SNBRN (ft Nate Dogg)

Anytime a song with unreleased Nate Dogg vocals comes out, best believe I’m listening. Using his vocals for a house jam is a pretty sweet idea and I think SNBRN nailed it. This song bumps.

All My Friends- Snakehips (ft Tinashe, Chance The Rapper)


Amin posted a remix to this song yesterday but I’ve been listening to the original version of this song on repeat since I first heard it last week. Not much more to say than it is phenomenal with great vocals, a great beat, and a great verse from a great rapper.

G Baby


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