Sunday RnR: Guns N’ Roses Edition

Much to the joy of the music world, there have been rumors and hype about a classic Guns N’ Roses lineup returning in some way, shape, or form ever since news broke that Slash and Axl Rose were on friendly terms last summer. While details on what exactly and who exactly this reunion will be are still lacking, we know that classic members Axl, Duff McKagan, and Slash will for sure be a part of the band, so far playing Coachella and a couple shows in Las Vegas that both sold out just hours after tickets went on sale. While Guns N’ Roses technically never broke up, continuing through many iterations under Axl Rose, the band has often had less members of the original Guns N’ Roses than bands like Velvet Revolver or Kings of Chaos that have been active through the same time period. This reunion is bringing back what we loved about this band, and it’s long over due. As hard rock and metal are my personal favorite genres, “Appetite  For Destruction” is one of my favorite albums of all time, with old school Guns N’ Roses also ranking pretty high among my favorite artists. So here’s a playlist for Sunday RnR with some of their greatest hits and some of my other favorites in there as well. Enjoy.



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