The Magician – Together (Lucas & Steve Remix)

If you’re spending this blizzardous day hermiting like me and the rest of the greater East Coast and would like a respite from “Jonas Brothers Blizzard” memes inundating the internet during your browse sesh, I’ll offer what I can.



When it comes to EDM, the old cliche “keep it simple” so often applies. Lucas & Steve offer a simple, clean, grooving rendition of The Magician’s ‘Together’ that can be listened to casually or to pump up your pregame. This track has everything I desire in a future/electro banger (Stabby, full chord progressions, an old school house-y drum groove, and juuuuust the right balance of bassy elements) without overdoing it.

This remix has not yet been formally released but was featured on Don Diablo’s Hexagon Radio. This up and coming duo also recently released a track with Dr. Kucho! and Gregor Salto called ‘Love is My Game’.


Stay warm and happy listening.


-Alec Jach






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