Kygo Sells Out Barclay’s Center for Epic First Show of New World Tour

HOLY F#@%!!! Last night EDM superstar and Norwegian heartthrob Kygo SOLD OUT the Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn to kick off his new worldwide tour. Something the Brooklyn Nets have probably never done.. you know, the NBA team whom the stadium was specifically built for. Anyways, so what’s all the hype for you ask?  Well, from starting off the show by descending on a platform 30 feet in the air while playing piano, to debuting two new tracks from his upcoming debut album (“I’m in Love”) and (“Oasis”), bringing out SHAGGY aka “Mr. Bombastic” to sing “It Wasn’t Me,” , and finally closing the show with a breathtaking rendition of Firestone, Kygo has officially turned into the superstar and brilliant performer we hoped he would a few years back when he emerged onto the scene. Here’s a little side^3 of his entrance and stage arrangement. Were you at the show? If so, what did you think? Comment below 🙂

Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 2.00.26 PM

– Trachstar


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