To My Soul – Jerry Folk

Norwegian producer Jerry Folk describes his style as on his Facebook “an electronic mixture of whatever inspires me”.  Recently released  “To My Soul” has on full display a variety of musical elements that move together harmoniously in a track that is just…. satisfying.


I felt myself rocking along from the beginning of the track which is driven by a simple, clear rhythm and low, soulful, relaxing lead. This lead initially brought to mind an old school Will Smith “Just the two of us” type R&B feeling and is the star of the track in my opinion.  Vocal chops, trap style rides, and a metallic-y xylophone melody splash in at the drop as the track takes on a new presence.  The seamless combination of future-based elements and soothing sounds profiles cozy together in an expertly crafted mix.

“To My Soul” is featured on Suicide Sheep (already topping 300k+ views), Majestic Casual and Too Future. Thursdays Vol. 87. You can also check it out on Jerry Folk’s SoundCloud and of course on ABAD365. Cheers.

-Alec Jach


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