Artist Spotlight: KYYN

We have another talented artist spotlight for you. KYYN is from Brooklyn, NY and has some beautiful pipes. We did a short interview with her about her debut work and some other fun stuff. We can’t wait to see what KYYN does with music in the future. Here is “Walk on Water” and our interview:

1. How did you get into music?
I’ve been immersed in music ever since I can remember. I began classical piano at the age of 4 and continued with it until I got my master’s degree. Songwriting crept in when I was in elementary school and I’d play around with singing and writing my own songs. I realized during grad school, that I really just wanted to focus on songwriting so after graduating I went back to my hometown in Colorado Springs, last summer, to lock myself away and write a 4-song EP. 

2. Where did the inspiration for “Walk On Water” come from?
The inspiration actually comes from my family dog, Mozart. While recording at home, he wanted to play but I had to ignore him and focus. And looking into his eyes while he whimpered it made me think of being ignored and asking oneself, “What do I gotta do to make you pay attention to me! Walk on water?” And that’s how I moved it along from there.
3. Who are some of your favorite artists making music today?
Currently I’m a huge fan of Laura Mvula and James Blake. Though very different artists, I love how they both use their voices to add to the ambience of their songs as a whole.
4. How is Brooklyn’s underground music scene?
To be honest I haven’t been so up to date with the underground scene in indie music. I’ve frequently gone to more experimental jazz and avant-garde new classical music shows, which I find fascinating and inspiring. However there is sometimes a cross-over between the jazz and classical with songwriting that is rising in Brooklyn and is definitely worth a listen.
5. What does KYYN stand for if it even does stand for anything?
Well my first name is Kyndyl, and as an artist name, I wanted a shorter version but to keep the unique double ‘Y’ thing my name had going.
6. What would you do if you won the Powerball?
I would buy a brownstone in Brooklyn and make one of the floors a recording studio. That just seems like THE dream.

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