Sunday RnR: Mötley Crüe Edition

It’s Sunday. Many of us are all partied out from the past couple days. So what’s better than a little rest and relaxation on a Sunday? I’ll tell you what, because when I’m writing, “RnR” doesn’t stand for “Rest and Relaxation”, it stands for “Rock and Roll”. So here we go with a fine day of rocking in the form of Mötley Crüe. Today is the 35th anniversary of the band, formed by bassist Nikki Sixx on January 17, 1981, becoming one of the most notorious bands in rock and roll history. The band just finished their final tour, but we’ll see how final it really is. Plenty of bands have had a not-so-final final tour. Here’s a playlist with some of their most popular hits over the years. Some fast stuff, some slow stuff. Some songs about partying, some songs about love. A little something for everybody.



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