Pursuit of Happiness #tbt – Kid Cudi

Crush a bit, little bit, roll it up, take a hit
Feelin’ lit, feelin’ light, 2 AM summer winter night.


Yeah on February 5th, I’ll be feelin’ lit, feelin’ light because at 2 AM I will still be reveling in the epic atmosphere of Kid Cudi performing at Stage AE in Pittsburgh.

If you pursue happiness, I suggest you pursue a ticket to Kid Cudi. My ticket is already bought, and I’m beyond hype for this concert. The classic Kid Cudi, I have no doubt, will show up. Even if he plays some of his new rock stuff, I again have no doubt Kid Cudi will put on an amazing show.

I really don’t understand how anyone can dislike Cudi’s old stuff, so I’m writing this post to inform you that yes, Kid Cudi is on tour and yes, Kid Cudi will be playing at Stage AE on February 5th.

Do yourself a favor and witness history, who knows if Cudi will ever tour again after this. Let’s hope so.

Here’s my favorite album from Cudi – enjoy.




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