ANTHRAX – Breathing Lightning

There is a lot on the horizon for music in 2016, from new and old artists alike. Today, we’ve got something new from someone old in the form of “Breathing Lightning” by Anthrax. The track brings you in with a slower intro before really getting into it with the main riff coming in and taking over the song with its raw power, thunderous bass, and driving drum sound. The vocals bring it all together into a sound not unlike an Anthrax song from back in the day, which is always somewhat of a worry when old bands put out new music. This is the second single off of Anthrax’s upcoming album “For All Kings” due out at the end of February, and will be kicking off their tour with Lamb of God on Friday (Jan 15) in Pittsburgh. I’m not sure what the ticket situation looks like this late in the game, I thought I’d mention it just in case. But for now, I’ll be enjoying this song and hoping the rest of the album will be this good. Hope you enjoy it too.



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