Reaper- Sia

Well boys and girls, I have a new favorite song. “Reaper” by Sia is absolutely amazing. First off, I think Sia has one of the best voices of anyone right now. It is very unique and beautiful and always evokes some sort of emotion out of the listener. This song is no exception as Sia politely tells the reaper (aka depression) to eff off as she is feeling good and has too much good to do. Sia has battled deep depression in her life and almost committed suicide in 2010, going as far as leaving a note. Luckily, she decided against it and has graced us with some amazing songs over the past few years as she battles her inner demons.

Sia’s amazing voice isn’t the only great thing about this song. You know what I’m talking about. The beat is gold; produced by none other than…Kanye West. It is uplifting and fun and easy to vibe to. Fun fact about this song: Kanye actually wrote the song and intended for Rihanna to sing it. While I like Rihanna, I think this song works much better with Sia on the vocals and have a feeling it will be a hit in no time. I will be playing this non-stop all day. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

G Baby


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