Teej’s Favorite Tracks of 2015 Round 2

I posted the first part of my list the other day and realized that I left out songs that I couldn’t allow myself to not include. So I just decided to make another part to the list and share that as well. There is a playlist at the bottom of the post with all the songs from both posts that you can listen to if you’re into that kind of thing. Let it be known that I’m undefeated in FIFA while these songs are playing, not that any of you care but I’m pretty proud of that. And yes, I know how sad that is. Onto the list…


Children-Justin Bieber

Beliebers come in all shapes and sizes. Usually you would say the average white teenage girl would be the ideal belieber. How about a ruggedly handsome skinny-fat college senior with a knack for good music and better beer? Well the cat’s out of the bag, and I’m all in. Purpose is an awesome album, there I said it. Justin Bieber just reminded everyone why he became famous in the first place, the dude is just ridiculously talented and pretty good looking. What a combo…I wrote a blog about why him and Justin Timberlake are more similar than you think, and I think JB is gonna approach that level of success. There’s no point in putting “Sorry”, “What Do You Mean”, or “Love Yourself” in this spot because everyone already knows those three. Children is a fantastic song that anyone can dance to and not have any shame about it. Justin Bieber, so hot right now.  Justin Bieber.


Personality- Lil Dicky (Feat. T-Pain)

This song by Lil Dicky is perfect because it relates to how every regular guy tries to get girls. We don’t have stacks to throw at them or any real outstanding qualities, but we have to rely on wooing them the old fashioned way, with smooth talking and genuine appreciation for them. Not only does this song make me laugh out loud at how accurate it is, but T-Pain is on the hook. I feel like were back anywhere between 2004-2007 where every chorus had this auto-tuned, sunglass wearing genius on it. Those were the days. When you listen to this song you should imagine yourself hitting on a girl and telling her all about yourself. You will definitely laugh at yourself.

Lean On- Major Lazer

Serious question….does anyone not like this song? Because it’s damn near impossible to not bob your head or tap your foot or even lose your shit depending on where you are and your state of mind. Major Lazer’s newest album “Peace of the Mission” came out June 1 with Lean On as the featured single. Arguably the song of the summer if not song of the year.


Intoxicated- Martin Solveig

Another song where if you can’t go on a dance floor and get loose to this then my heart goes out to you because you are solely missing out. Live look at me when the horns come on….


I remember the first time I put this song on in my house and I think we almost blew the speakers out. One of those songs that will always get the people going.



King Kunta- Kendrick Lamar

What would a 2015 top songs list be without a song off of Kendrick’s newest album “To Pimp A Butterfly.” If you don’t know this album is Grammy nomination city. And while the song “Alright” is more critically acclaimed, if you want something to bump to off this album this should be your first destination. Kendrick obviously is one of the best out there, and at this rate by the time he is done he will be up there with the all-time greats. Another year, another success for the good kid from the m.A.A.d city.



Split-Tiesto and The Chainsmokers

You might not realize this, but I actually listen to more songs by The Chainsmokers than just “Roses.” This song “Split” should always be the last song you play before you go out with your friends. When everyone in your house hears this song they know it’s GO time. You run upstairs to your room, throw on a button down, and force yourself to throw down those last couple shots before you walk out the door. Hearing this song live at their concert back in November was awesome, especially with the sold out crowd. Absolute banger and party necessity.

Mind- Jack U

Diplo and Skrillex are already household names as solo artists, but after they decided to come together as Jack Ü and produced an amazing album highlighted with one of the songs of the year is “Where Are Ü Now” with Justin Bieber. But this song “Mind” with Kai as the vocalist is a great relaxed song that is a little different than what were used to hearing from these two. But nonetheless it’s still a solid song, and shows how talented of producers Skrillex and Diplo are.


Paradise- Big Sean

Big Sean opened the year 2015 with his album “Dark Sky Paradise” and it was very successful, especially when you compare it to his second album Hall of Fame. This song paradise just shows the ridiculous flow that Big Sean has as he absolutely goes IN on two verses in a row. The first time I heard the second verse I had to stand up and violently bump my head as he goes bar after bar after bar until the heavy bassline comes in and we all collectively lose our shit. It was a good year for Sean Don, and I look forward to what he has to offer in 2016


Cheerleader-OMI (Felix Jaehn Remix)

This song is a layup. Probably the catchiest song of the year and it’s damn near impossible to not like it. OMI’s unique voice carries this song along with the tropical vibes from Felix Jaehn. A dangerously good combo that resulted in on of the more popular songs of the year (Shout out Dylan Monaghan, I know you love this song more than anybody)



White girls everywhere rejoice. Your spirit animal has come back from the shadows and released her third studio album “25” I can’t say I like how she just names her albums after her age (Seriously you couldn’t come up with something a little more creative?), but her voice is undeniably beautiful. And the lyrics will cut through to anyone’s core. Hello is no exception as it’s the highlight of the new album. Better make this album last, because who knows when she will decide to make ANOTHER ONE *DJ Khaled voice*


All Day-Kanye West

Couldn’t not include Kanye West on this list. As much as I dislike this guy for his antics and his overall attitude towards his self-proclaimed legendary status, this guy can straight up make great music. His producing skills are second to none (just ask Jay-Z about it) and we all know he’s a fantastic rapper as well. Can’t wait for this whole album to drop…whenever the hell that happens.


Back to Back-Drake


Drake single-handedly ended Meek Mill’s rap career this summer with this banging track “Back to Back” Which as a Philly native I am very upset about because I like Meek Mill and his latest album was awesome (The track “R.I.C.O” with Drake on it ironically enough, is a jam) but Drake showed absolutely no mercy for Meek on this one. We will forever remember the line “Is that a world tour or your girl’s tour?” Damn, Drizzy did it again.

Mine (Lash Remix)-Phoebe Ryan

This of course is the one song not on Spotify…but it’s that good that I’m including it anyway. I apologize but we all have to make sacrifices for the sake of good music…Lash is one of my favorite up and coming producers right now. Deep house like you read about. Melodies that will make anyone tap their and using perfect vocals to go on top. Phoebe Ryan has one of those voices that any EDM producer can use to make a hit, and Lash accomplishes that 100% on this track. Give it a listen and prepare to dance

Get Low- Dillon Francis

Dillon Francis dropping his newest album “Money Rules, Friends Suck” in January was a lot different than what were used to hearing from in as a whole. But this song is vintage Dillon and every DJ was playing this in every club at one point in time during this year. Total banger. The whole album is very very good, but this track takes the cake.


Well there it is, a random assortment of my favorite tracks from all genres that I listen to. Do yourselves a favor and play the entire spotify playlist and take a trip down the 2015 music memory lane. Happy New Years to you all and I hope you’re getting drunk somewhere to celebrate






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