5 Songs To Binge

Airliner – Cheers Elephant 

Cheers Elephant is a Philadelphia based band with some kick ass tracks that are going to get them to the big time (if that exists in the indie music world). “Airliner” has an unreal catchy hook to it that will be stuck in your head for days and days.


Lay It All On Me – Rudimental 

Rudimental have been around for a while and this track is going to put them in the limelight and to the mainstream audience real quick. “Lay It All On Me” is packed with big names; Ed Sheeran, Big Sean and Vic Mensa, making it a hit automatically.

Bassline – SRYE

I need to thank Spotify Discover for this one… if you haven’t checked out this new feature go now and do it. “Bassline” is one of the coolest tracks I have heard in awhile. Its got your attention from the beginning and holds it until that last bass drop. EDM heads will like this one.

Church – BJ The Chicago Kid

“She said she wanna drink, do drugs and have sex tonight, but I got Church in the morning” god damn thats a hell of a start to a song. BJ The Chicago Rapper is on the up, watch out for him.

Let You Go – A-Trak Remix

The original version of this song is already fire and A-Trak comes in here and sprinkles some deliciousness on top. It’s like being drunk and then getting Campus Deli hand delivered to your mouth and all you have to do is chew and enjoy.





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