3 Artists That Will Blow Up In 2016

Mura Masa 

I posted earlier this year about Mura Masa because he had a new sound that is going to take over EDM music. Its that progressive future house sound, experimental and catchy at the same time. Be on the look out for this producer’s name in the 2016, I would put some money on a collab with Kygo or Diplo. I also wouldn’t be surprised if a big time rapper asked for a track from Mura Masa to lay some verses down.

Here is more of his music:

Jack Garratt

Jack Garratt is going to explode in 2016. “Worry” is just the start for this London based producer… He reminds me a lot of Flume and Disclosure but he’s got a great voice that he can play with when he produces.

More Tracks from Jack:

Vince Staples

I am a firm believer that Vince Staples is going to be a house hold rap name in 2016. The guy has a better flow than a high school lacrosse player. Shout out to my “boy” Naveen “Naz” (Indian last name), he still spits to this track even while I’m kicking his ass in Fifa…  he still owes me 10 bucks for that bet we made (Nickbro knows)

More tracks from Vince:




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