Chewbs Favorite Tracks From 2015

2015 was filled with an unreal amount of music that blew me away. Everything from Chance The Rapper’s breakout year to Eric Church’s “Mr. Misunderstood” album that changed what country music meant to me. Being a writer for a college music blog has its perks and one of those perks is that your friends and even people you don’t know send you new music. As a music lover its like receiving a present when someone sends you new music and you bump to it right away. I still remember when fellow writer AVtheOG showed me who Jon Bellion was and I got chills from what that guy does with a computer and his voice. These songs and albums below are what have been in my ears for the past year:

Eric Church: Mr. Misunderstood

My second favorite Greek in the world, Will Kastapololopagas, showed me Eric Church’s new album which we listened to 6 times in a row while I gave him the D in Super Smash Bros. This album and specifically the song above changed my view of country music. Eric Church gave me hope and for that we can thank the Greeks.

Jon Bellion: Everything the Guy Touches 

I have been lucky enough to see Jon Bellion 3 times now and I am 2 people away from being in his Twitter header pic which I am pretty salt city about but his music makes up for it. Everyone that follows the site knows we love Jon and his music and from what I have heard at parties you guys love him just as much. 2015 has been good to my ears and Bellion is half the reason for that.

Austin Basham: Running

I don’t post nearly as much Indie music as I want to on the site and Austin Basham is a must listen to for music lovers. Austin has such a unique voice that plays right into style of music. “Running” is a masterpiece of a song to me.

Chance The Rapper – Somewhere in Paradise 

As far as independent artists go Chance is number 1 on my list this year. Nothing but respect for this guy with the music and messages he created this year. The Acid Rapper gives hope to all those struggling independent musicians who grind everyday making music that means something to them. I can’t wait to see what Chance does in 2016.

Borns – 10,000 Emerald Pools 

Borns had one hell of a year with this album. Born’s “Dopamine”, not to be confused with Third Eye Blind’s new album “Dopamine”, is a work of art. This album includes synths come out of nowhere, drum beats that make grandma dance, vocals that Justin Bieber tries to copy and a badass album cover.

 Kaskade – Us 

Kaskade who has been in the EDM industry for a very long time came out with an album this year that bumped. It has some old “I Remember” Kaskade tracks on there as well as songs like “Us” playing above that had me going nuts when I saw him live in Pittsburgh.

Life of Dillon – Dreams

Life of Dillon is going to blow up in 2016. Unless they are lying on twitter, they have been in the studio everyday working on new tunes to follow their EP “Prologue”. Shout out to Diabetes Dylan for liking this band just as much as I do.

Love Myself – Fareoh Remix 

This one’s for Dani Monaco who reps A Beat A Day more than I do sometimes. I wanna hear this one blasting at any party you are at homegurl. Oh and it’s also a fucking banger of a song.

The Plan (Fuck Jobs) – The Front Bottoms

Easily my favorite live show from 2015 goes to these guys. Their new album “Back On Top” is perfection. The Front Bottoms have one of the most dedicated fan bases I have ever seen… get to one of their shows immediately for a great experience.

YOUTH – Troye Sivan 

Another standout artist in 2015, Troye Sivan, caught the mainstreams eye with his unique and extremely catchy album “Blue Neighbourhood”. This track “YOUTH” will have everyone who reads this blog hooked by the end of the song.

Future People – Alabama Shakes 

My boy Ian from Boston (he’s not from Boston but he doesn’t like when I say he is so…) and my other boy Meeker both know the power of Alabama Shakes. We witnessed them live in Boston at a festival and I shit you not the hairs on my arms raised when they played this song. I thought they were going to blow the speakers because they were all playing their hearts out like it was their first show. Someone literally proposed during this song so pretty sure that makes it a great tune.

Got It – Marian Hill

Reppin Philly the right way. Marian Hill is the future sound that everyone needs in their life. I call it chill turnip… enjoy

Lifting The Sea – The Hunts

The Hunts are a band where the average age is maybe 20 and that’s a stretch. Young talented musicians making great fucking music. Everyone of the band members (7) has a set of pipes and can play 15 different instruments. Talent.

Roses – The Chainsmokers

I bet you all the money in the world that fellow writer Teej has this song first on his “Best of 2015” blog. I don’t blame him, The Chainsmokers are going places and Roses is their baby. It is topping almost every chart and creeping up on Justin Bieber’s “Sorry” which is insane to think about, props to stupid girls for knowing who The Chainsmokers are and buying the song.

Dark Bird Is Home – The Tallest Man On Earth


The Tallest Man on Earth is my favorite artist of all time. This new album “Dark Bird Is Home” is a testament to his unreal amount of talent. Funny story interlude: I went to see him in Philly and about 5 songs in I looked around and did not recognize a single song he had played. I pulled out my phone and realized he dropped this newest album the day of the concert. So I think I am one of maybe 200 people that can say they got to hear his new album live for the first time which is a great feeling.

Where I’m From – The Bul Bey

I am going to end on this song. The Bul Bey is one of the rappers we had at our first ever show at The James Street Pub in the North Shore. Everyone loved this track when he played it at the show so here it is.

2015 is just the start for A Beat A Day. Shout out to the roomates (Gay Will, Little man Shronk, Big Dick Nick, Kev on the Bus, The Patriots Fan) for putting up with all the shit and for bumping to the music we post. Shout out to all those who read the site everyday, you guys are fucking awesome and we appreciate it more than you know. Shout out to ACL tear Dyl for hooking his friends on the site and to everyone out there that shows their friends the site. Shout out to the other writers for putting up with my shit and finding the best music for Pitt’s students. Let’s get it in 2016 boys and girls.









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