Foo Fighters- Saint Cecilia EP

It is my pleasure to introduce a new writer to the team. Not only do we have a new writer, we are expanding our musical horizons into the world of Rock n’ Roll. To help us do that, we had to bring in an expert. Luckily for us, I knew just the guy. Introducing my younger brother, Jagger aka Jaggernaut (get it?). Here is his first piece, the one that got him a call up to the big leagues. Everything from this point on are his words. Enjoy.

Here is the title track of the EP, Saint Cecilia. I recommend checking out the rest. There’s no reason not to. It’s free.

2015 has been an incredible year for the Foo Fighters. Although their latest album, Sonic Highways, debuted in 2014 along with an HBO Documentary of the same name following the process of recording the album as well as the musical history of various cities across the USA, the band’s tremendous stride has not been broken.

2015 was the 20th Anniversary of Foo Fighters, their debut album, and thus was an amazing year to tour both in support of the newest album and to celebrate 20 years as a band. Unfortunately, Dave Grohl broke his leg in early June when he fell off the stage at a gig in Sweden, refusing to go to the hospital until he finished the concert. While the next couple of shows were forced to be canceled, Dave played the entire rest of the tour from an insane Throne. No one tells the story better than Mr. Grohl himself, so I’ll include a link to this. Sonic Highways was also nominated for 4 Emmy awards, and walked any with 2 wins.

On top of all this, the Foo Fighters still found time to bring us new music and do so in the best way possible, for free. A 5 song EP, Saint Cecilia, was released on November 23 of this year. Though this was originally intended to be a simple show of appreciation to the fans, the release fell in line with the unfortunate events of the Paris attacks, and was not only dedicated to those lost in the attacks, but couple with a donation fund active until December 31st. You can pick up the EP from, iTunes, or listen to it on Spotify all of free, and can find the link to donate to the victims of the Paris attacks here or through their website.

Also, here’s a link to Dave Grohl telling the story about breaking his leg, as well as the idea for his Throne, if you’re interesting in knowing more about that. It’s hilarious.

G Baby/Jaggernaut


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