Artist Spotlight: Edon Jacobs

Edon jacobs, an aspiring producer, hails from Pittsburgh (see what I did there… H2P) and we got to talking about his music and his future with what he creates. Here is my favorite track from Edon as of now:

I like what Edon does with his instrumentals because I could see Kendrick or J. Cole or Drizzy Hotline Bling putting a verse over these tracks and that’s pretty sweet…

Here is our interview:

How did you get into music?
I was in the school band when I was really young, but at the time I didn’t really enjoy it much.  I was more into basketball when I was young.  I fell in love with hip-hop when I was about 11 years old and have listened to it almost exclusively since then.  Something about it had me addicted immediately.  Maybe part of it was because my parents didn’t like it at all.  I started writing lyrics for fun in 8th grade and by the time I got to college I had the time and freedom to start making my own shit.  I started teaching myself how to use Ableton Live in mid-2012 and I’ve been developing my sound ever since.  Over that time period I released 3 instrumental tapes and one self-produced mixtape.  No one ever taught me how to make music, so everything I make has an organic sonic structure.  I don’t sound like anybody else.
Favorite Artists to Listen to right now?
I’ve been listening to a ton of Roy Woods lately, I love his sound.   Lots of Future too.  Anything produced by Key Wane or Metro Boomin.  I can’t wait for Cabin Fever 3 either, Wiz has always been a huge inspiration for me.  I listen to everything depending on my mood.
What’s the future look like for your music?
I’ll be spending 2016 continuing to expand my sound and continuing to push the envelope with my beats.  I’m going to be leading off the year with my best instrumental project yet.  The second half of 2015 I started working with a couple really talented singers & lyricists, and I plan to continue making new music with them and others this year.  I’m just trying to keep getting better at my craft every day and make the best music that I can for myself and my fans.  Definitely more live shows this year too.
Favorite show you have played?
I don’t do too many live shows right now, the studio is where I’d rather be.  But I did play a few awesome shows with James Drakes and some other local acts at the James Street Gastropub this year.  I got to perform live mixes which isn’t what I normally get into, but I loved it.
Here is the link to Edon’s Soundcloud for more dope instrumentals

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