Artist Spotlight: Andre Saunders

One of the coolest parts about this job is being able to interact with up and coming artists who send their music to the site. I love hearing new music every chance I get and Andre Saunders is one of these artists that has my vote. This featured song “The Vent” is just what it sounds like, it is a vent about life and everything that happens. Respect to the true words on this track and the heart and soul that I hear behind the mic.

I was able to do a small interview with Andre over the course of the past couple of weeks:

1) How did you get into music?

Initially it was just something fun to do with my friends in school. I was always competitive so I always wanted to grab their attention with my lines and we would battle and stuff. Later I joined a poetry group which was when I began to add real substance in what I was saying and began to take it more serious.

2) Favorite artists to listen to right now?
Currently I listen to a lot of Bryson Tiller, Tink, Drake, Wale. Of Course Lauryn Hill never gets old that’s one of my fav artist of all time
3) What does the future look like for your music?
Really just trying to progress to a point where I can fulfill my vision with the highest possible resources. I know what my goals are and where I want to go but some things will come within time and as other resources present themselves. I have a project that I am currently working on trying to finish up.
4) Favorite show you have played?
I’d maybe have to say this past summer I did a few festivals in West Chester. The experiences were very good out there. The energy and feeling I felt after performing was very high. I always want to connect with people on a passionate level because of the style of music I make so the higher up the energy goes the more I appreciate the experience. It’s always about the actual feeling.




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