Day 12: 25 Days of Christmas

Day 11: Silent Night

Last night was anything but silent for the crew from abeataday365. As much as we love blogging, I think Fuck Finals Friday got the best of us as we didn’t post a Day 11 Christmas tune. Don’t worry, that’s why I’m posting 2 songs today with Silent Night as December 11th’s post for obvious reasons.


Day 12: White Christmas

Wow, this weather is amazing. I am loving 70 degree weather in December, so I hope it is here to stay. With that being said, a White Christmas is something we all want to see. If only we lived in a world where it could be 70 on December 24th and then snow on the 25th. Who knows though, with global warming, I wouldn’t be surprised. Classic Bing Crosby for you guys – enjoy.


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