Pitt Christmas Give-Away


  1. Follow us on Twitter
  2. RT the #TweetoftheDay about the competition
  3. There will be a #GiveAway #CodeWord in one of our daily posts. You will need this word in order to win!


‘Twas Nineteen nights before Christmas

Yet all of Pitt’s Campus was covered in fear.

It must be that time, finals are near.

While the students study at Hillman all night,

A Beat A Day sees our chance to become Pitt’s top music site.

Starting the 15th of December,

10 Days from Christmas it’s not hard to remember,

We will be having our Pitt Christmas Give-Aways.

Not once, not twice, but for a whole 10 days!

Gift cards to Antoons, Wine & Spirits, and more,

To help with the stress of being in college so poor.

In order to win you must first follow us on Twitter.

Next step is a little more work, but don’t be a quitter.

Each morning we’ll tweet about the nightly giveaway.

It must be retweeted for your chance to win that free Chipotle.

Good luck with finals and have a Happy Holiday. 



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