#TBT Stan- Eminem (ft Dido)

Shout out to Dylan aka “The Sweg Monster” for this suggestion. His second shout out in just one week if I’m not mistaken. Pretty impressive stuff out of him. Speaking of impressive, you could say Eminem is an impressive rapper. That would be quite the understatement. Mr. Mathers is one of the best hip-hop artists of all time. No question. Whether he is the best ever, that is up to debate, but he is easily top 5 dead or alive. That isn’t just me saying it, that’s most of the hip-hop community.

Eminem has racked up many hit singles in his career but maybe none as shocking and influential as “Stan.” “Stan” is the third song on Eminem’s second album, “The Marshall Mathers LP” and is widely regarded as one of the best hip-hop songs of all time. This is certainly one of my favorites as it is an unbelievable story about a crazed fan who absolutely loses it because his idol Em didn’t write back to him. The term “stan” is now used to describe obsessive fans as a result of this song. You can also hear the storm in the background of the instrumental get worse as the story progresses, signifying the downfall of Stan. The song is so well written and really puts the life of an artist into perspective. Artists, really any famous people for that matter, are almost expected to share everything with the public and be nice to everyone. This is not a reality though. They are people just like everyone else and do not have the time nor the responsibility to answer to every person. Sure, there are some who are complete assholes but many actually do love their fans and do what they can to please them. However, the public sometimes expects too much ¬†from these people. The story of Stan’s unraveling hits so hard. I get goosebumps every time I hear this song. Then the final verse, Eminem rapping as himself responding to the fan mail from Stan, just pulls the whole point together. He took time out of his day to write back and that’s all anyone could really hope for. Eminem has to deal with this kind of stuff on the daily, and he perfectly captured the situation (albeit an extreme version of it) with this song.

Plus, this song spawned one of the most legendary Grammy performances of all time…


G Baby


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