Artist Spotlight: Interview with Mic Stewart

We recently put on a show with Mic Stewart as the headline on November 2oth. I was able to meet Mic before the show and give him a feel for what Pittsburgh has to offer (he had never been before). Mic is from Philly and currently lives in Dallas, so on our long traffic filled adventure back to Oakland from the airport my buddy Zach and I described Pittsburgh. Mic told us how excited he was to play in Pittsburgh and how he has never been to this city before. When we finally came through the Fort Pitt Tunnel we were greeted by Pittsburgh’s unique and mesmerizing skyline and all Mic said was “Yoooooooooooooo!”

We arrived in Oakland and immediately hit up Uncle Jimmy’s Bar on Semple Street. Mic told us about life in Dallas and his next album release. I have been lucky enough to meet a few artists so far in my music stint and I am confident saying Mic is easily one of the most approachable, genuine and charismatic musicians I have met thus far.

After the show Friday night we went to an after party at my new friend Moyo’s crib (shout out to Moyo for all you did). There we blasted Justin Bieber and a lot of Mic’s old old stuff while playing beer pong and flip cup. After an hour or so and a handful of beers, Mic and I found time to do a quick interview:

Q: What do you think of Pittsburgh?

A: Pittsburgh is history, blue collar  and hard working. The student life is up and it is a beautiful city.

Q: What do you have in store for future music?

A: I have an untilted album that I have been working on for 3 years. There are about 80 demos as of now. The album is going to be about 15 tracks featuring artists like Ground Up, Chill Moody, Bul Bey and Jewels.

Q: After this album drops what are you trying to do, tour wise?

A: I want to tour the entire east coast and the west coast if I am able. I am trying to break into California within the year.

Q: Who are your favorite rappers in the game?

A: Kendrick, J. Cole, Big Krit easily.

Q: Describe Mic Stewart in one word…

A: Filthy…… actually brilliant

All I have to say is, I look forward to you coming back Mic

I’ll leave you all with this song:



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