Top 5 US Music Festivals

In no particular order, here are the top 5 music festivals for 2016 that I’m looking to go to (or would want to go to in the next few years). Music festivals are a place where nothing else matters except good vibes and even better music. These are all well known, it’s just a matter of making it to them. Check them out below, and click on the link to find out where these festivals occur throughout the US.

Burning Man – Date TBD

How awesome would it be to go to the desert where a bunch of people with only the resources you come with hang out, jam to amazing music, and then burn down a sick piece of art/sculpture to celebrate the journey you’ve experienced at the end of the festival. I know I said no particular order, but this may be the music festival I want to experience the most.

Firefly – June 16-19th

I’ve been to firefly twice now and it has been the time of my life. The environment is a perfect blend of turn up and chill. From the amazing rock, indie, alternative bands that roll through to the bumping rap and EDM this festival has it all. Check out an earlier post from the ABAD writer TJ to learn more about Firefly.

Bonnaroo – June 9-12th

The lineup for Bonnaroo is coming soon, and I can’t be more excited to see what it entails. Bonnaroo is the Woodstock of all festivals. They say if you want a true festival experience, Bonnaroo is the place to go. Who wouldn’t want to go to the middle of nowhere Tennessee and have the time of your life? A trip it would be for sure.

Lollapalooza – July 29-31st

What intrigues me about the Lollapalooza experience is that it’s setting is much different than most festivals. It takes place in Chicago and festival goers actually stay in hotels rather than camp out. It may be a little more modern (and comfortable), and I don’t see a problem with that at all. It’s all about the experience and the lineup and Lollapalooza won’t disappoint. With me being on the east coast, this festival is one set in my sights to go to in the upcoming years – it should be for you too.

Coachella – April 10-12th; April 17-19th

Two weeks for a festival – I’m down for that. The lineup has already been released and it is fire. Sunday looks to be the best day with Drizzy headlining but you can’t go wrong with any of it. Not only does amazing music come out of Coachella but so does the art – something a little different but awesome.


Top 3 EDM Festivals

Electric Forest – June 23-26th

Electric Daisy – NY May 14,15th; Las Vegas June 17th-19th

Ultra – March 18-20th (spring break for some folks ayyy)



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