#TBT Mozart- Requiem

24:30 is the part many will recognize immediately.

Huge shoutout to my main man Thomas Miles for suggesting this incredible TBT track. Mozart was the original badass in the music biz. He started composing at age 5 like a boss. My dude, whose real name is the Wolfgang aka a top 5 best name in history, composed over 600 works in his time on Earth in the 1700s. Requiem is one of his well known symphonies and is actually largely unfinished due to his passing in 1791. Wolfgang, which I am seriously considering naming my first-born, was a very influential musician and took young Ludwig Beethoven under his wing for a while so you can thank him for that. His music created the template for what is known as classical style music. Not only this, but he was so versatile as a composer, he wrote in every major genre at the time. CUZ WOLFGANG MOZART IS THE GOAT. It’s a shame this man could not be preserved and live to make music forever. But the beauty of music is that even when the musicians pass away, their music will live on forever.


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