The Best of Nov 13th

You may not have heard, but this past Friday some major artists released highly anticipated albums. In just one day, music fans were treated to new material from Justin Bieber, One Direction, Logic, Young Jeezy, and Ty Dolla $ign. Of these five albums, I have listened to three multiple times each in their entirety and felt it appropriate to share my favorite 3 songs off each album. If you haven’t heard ANY of these albums, I have to ask why you choose to live under a rock? Is it warm under there? Do you feel more protected? Do you idolize Patrick Star? Whatever the case may be, do yourself a favor and throw on these dope tunes.

I’ll start with the biggest surprise on the list, Justin Bieber. If you told me a year ago that I’d be not only listening to, but enjoying a Justin Bieber album, I’d have had you admitted to a psychiatric ward right away. But alas, I really like this new Biebs.  He’s expanded his reach from just making music for 13 year old girls. His music is now more relatable for people like myself and I can listen to it without feeling like I am forgetting to study for my 7th grade algebra test. My three favorite songs (not including the singles we all know and love already) are as follows (in no particular order):

Love Yourself


We Are (ft Nas)

Next, let’s talk about one of my favorite young MCs. Logic is awesome. His flow is incredible and he keeps it real in every one of his raps. No gimmicks. That’s what I love to see in an artist. His newest album is fantastic in more ways than just the quality. The entire album (called “The Incredible True Story”) is also a sci-fi epic. It takes extreme creativity to make an album with that kind of concept. Props to Logic for this one. It is really cool how the music and story gel together. My faves are:

City of Stars

Never Been

Young Jesus (ft Big Lenbo)

Finally, one of the OGs in hip-hop. Though he dropped the “Young” from his name last year, he’ll always be Young Jeezy to me. Jeezy was one of the first artists I ever listened to and started following. He has consistently impressed me over the years and his latest album is no exception. “Church In These Streets” goes hard. Jeezy brings his street knowledge to the forefront and raps about his gangsta ways over some dope southern style trap instrumentals. My three favorites:

Sweet Life (ft Janelle Monae)

Holy Water

Scared of the Dark


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