Firefly Announces 2016 Lineup…I Instantly Get Aroused



Firefly coming in scorching hot with the 2016 lineup this morning, and it looks like it’s gonna be a good one. Mumford, Kings of Leon, Ellie, Disclosure, etc.  Great acts through and through.

Blink 182 out of nowhere…Who didn’t grow up loving their music, but a pretty random choice considering they had a pretty big falling out with their their lead singer Tom DeLonge. If I see them live and Tom gets on stage I will try my hardest to throw a very heavy object at his head because he’s that much of an asshole. I don’t know why I like his music so much cause his voice is god awful and he can barely play guitar but there I am listening to every song like a mesmerized zombie. First time I realized I was into tattoos as well…


Deadmow Five will always be a good time, unless he starts preaching about the pureness of EDM and why nobody should do molly at his concerts (Spoiler alert: 90% of the people who see you live only go so they can do molly. The other 10% actually like your music for the music)

Earth Wind and Fire is absolutely a must see. I refuse to die before I hear “September” and “Shining Star” live. No exceptions.

CHVRCHES is another group I really really wanna see live. Their newest single “Leave A Trace” is a great song and one that you can tell sounds 10x better in person

I could go on and on about these artists but all in all this lineup looks extremely promising. Passes go on sale Friday, you can buy them here. Get them while they’re still around because they will go fast and the price will rise significantly as we get closer to the festival. I hope I see a bunch of you guys there.



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