Married To A Dream With A Mistress Named Music

Whaddup fam, my name Jeeeff


Okay no but really my name isn’t Jeff, Chewb asked me to write about my current favorite album: Mr. Misunderstood by the man himself, Eric Church. I’ve only listened to it about 100 times through since its come out (not exaggerating), but it’s dope and I know country ain’t really this blogs go to genre, but listen to this album plz. It’s the least country, country album you’ll hear.


E Church didn’t announce this album; he just mailed hard copies of his album to his fan club the day of the CMA’s and then released the album online the next day because he’s the fucking man. That’s how you know this guy fucks.


Me when I found out about the album:



My personal favs from the album are, in this order: Holdin’ My Own, Chattanooga Lucy, Mr. Misunderstood, and Kill a Word.


I’m not gonna lie to you all because we just met and because I never lie, this album isn’t as good as Chief, Church’s first big album, which is probably my favorite album ever and you should all check that out. But, this album is different than that one, it’s a lot more rock and roll-y than a lot of mainstream country. All the songs just have that little twang to them to definitely make this country, but it toes the line between country and rock and the final product was sex to my ears (but I’m a virgin so idk what that’s like).


The album has everything; it slows things down with Mixed Drinks About Feelings, and then speeds things up with what I’d imagine you might line dance to in Chattanooga Lucy…which you can also drink to. You can listen to this album while you just relax and chill on a Sunday or you can sing-along on road trips to it with friends.


Everything about this album is Eric Church, who stopped caring about trying to make catchy songs that’ll win him a Grammy over Blake Shelton’s stupid ass (I just don’t like Blake Shelton he’s v overrated, so if you like him get out we can’t be friends), and just made good fucking music that embodies who he is. He isn’t quite country, but he’s not rock either, he’s that weird in between and I don’t know why it works but it does and I lurve him (more than love).


Listen to the entire album because I guarantee you’ll like at least a couple songs…Chewb even likes it and he hates almost everything in the world.


Hook ‘Em


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