5 Songs Donald Trump Could Bump Too

  1. Ocean Drive – Shaun Frank Remix

Seeing Shaun Frank live made me respect his music so much more. His set was fire, his stage presence was badass and this remix is thanksgiving dinner for the ears.

2. Coming Over – filous Remix

I could imagine Trump sitting on a pile of money drinking liquid gold to this song. So smooth, so sexy, fllous is becoming the new Kygo.

3. The Trouble With Us – Marcus Marr, Chet Faker

When that backbeat comes in: 

4. Shades Of Grey – Nora En Pure Remix

So simple yet somehow you cant stop dancing when it comes on. D Trumpy definitely combs his hair to this song every morning

5.  Symphonies – Dan Black, Kid Cudi

Remember this one? Used to the song to play in 2011, still a great track. Any track featuring The Man of The Moon is bound for glory.

There you go. Five songs that Donald Trump most likely maybe bumps too.


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