When Notre Dame Weekend Kicks Your Ass

Sometimes after a tough weekend on the body all you need are some tunes to bring you back to life. This weekend was tough on all the Pittsburgh writers after we lost to Notre Dame, not because of the loss but because of the alcohol consumed in mass quantities. Sunday is the day of rest and the songs I will be posting in this blog will help everyone out today.. I promise.

First up is the Galantis song “Peanut Butter Jelly” which is very underrated in my opinion. This is a great music video and song and should be enjoyed by every college student who likes to be happy.

This next song is by Austin Basham who I am assuming no reader knows about. For all you indie lovers out there (Ali Fleming) this guy is my new favorite indie artist. He has an EP out on Spotify that is absolutely a must listen if you like this song. I hope to hear more of Austin’s music in the future.

Vince Staples has blown up the past year or so and his album “Summertime ’06” backs up his rise to fame. “Lemme Know” is my favorite track off of this album but there are way too many solid tunes on this album. When this song comes on our house turnips:

Last tune is our boy Mic Stewart who we are bringing to Pittsburgh Nov. 20th. Gonna be a great show and Mic shows his freestyle skills in this video


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