#TBT Three Throwbacks This Thursday

Rick James- Super Freak

I’m Rick James, BITCH! Classic Chappelle quote aside, Rick James was the man. Dude did enough crack to kill an entire village but at least he made some timeless jams before passing away in 2004.  His greatest hit of all time, “Super Freak,” is still enjoyable to this day.  You might recognize that beat and yes, MC Hammer did rip it off (but don’t worry, Rick James sued his ass for royalties).

Metallica- Nothing Else Matters

Those of you that know me may be very shocked to learn I’m a pretty big Metallica fan. Yes, you read that correctly. I, G Baby aka (likely) the biggest hip-hop music fiend you know, loves Metallica. They are my father’s favorite band and when I was a young lad, my ears were exposed to their music quite often. They are easily one of the top 5 bands of all time and the song “Nothing Else Matters” is one of my favorites.

Shania Twain- That Don’t Impress Me Much

If pops gets a shout out, it’s only fair the momma gets one too.  My mom played Shania Twain’s album “Come on Over” so many times that I legit knew every word to every song at one point in my life. No joke. That DOES impress me much. But this song is awesome and my girl Shania really killed this whole album. So many hits, it was hard to choose just one but at the same time, there was no way to disappoint.


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