Are You In? – Incubus

For the most part, people know who the band Incubus is. But usually they know only the popular songs like Drive or Dig. I want to provide some more of their chill music and give a shout out to one of my favorite old school DJs, Chris Kilmore. DJ Kilmore stays original with his turntables, synthesizer and keyboard. His stuff with Incubus is pretty subtle but works its way perfectly into the music as you’ll hear in Are You In?.

For what may be one of the chillest songs I’ve ever listened to (it definitely is top 3 for me), below is an extra called Aqueous Transmission featuring the musical instrument Pipa and a Japanese Orchestra. Boyd and the band’s intentions for this song were apparently to produce a song “to make the listener pee his/her pants” from relaxation. Umm yeah I don’t know how I feel about that, but I definitely love listening to this song right before bed or right after airing. If you listen to the whole song, you’ll get a sense of what frogs croaking outside of their studio in Malibu sounds like. Incubus never fails to intrigue me with their sounds – enjoy.


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