My Top 10 Songs Produced by Kanye That he Doesn’t Rap in

So for those of you that don’t know the story of Kanye West, he became popular for his producing first and foremost before he was a rapper/self-proclaimed immortal god. That’s what really made him stand out as a musician. The song “Overnight Celebrity” came on shuffle for me and inspired this list. All of the following songs are produced by Mr. West, but don’t have him featured as a rapper. I wanted a more diverse list of songs rather than just a list of Kanye hits he made himself. Without further ado…

10. The People- Common

I know it’s an interesting start to the list, but this Common song stands out to me because of the beat. It’s something you wouldn’t necessarily expect Kanye to produce, but that just shows his range of what he can do. Expect more of the same with the other 9 songs.

9. Young Forever- Jay-Z

Spoiler alert…this will not be the only Jay Z song on this list. Kanye and Jay Z are the Shaq and Kobe of the early 2000’s hip hop game. A dominant force that couldn’t be stopped. And this might be my favorite song off this album, The Blueprint III.

8. 03 Bonnie and Clyde- Jay-Z and Beyoncé

Remember when I said there would be more Jay Z…well that didn’t take long. One of their first of many collaborations, the power couple makes its way on the list at 8. Listening to this song now knowing all that has happened since is pretty funny. Just two superstars doing their thing and falling in love and shit. And Kanye is the man behind the scenes narrating their relationship through music.

7. Let the Beat Build- Lil Wayne

I love this whole album (obviously) but the instrumental Kanye makes is so well done. The vocals are perfect and the drums aren’t overpowering, just loud enough to keep the pace. Such a great song overall.

6. Izzo (H.O.V.A)- Jay Z

If this song isn’t put on this list than I have no business pretending that I know things about music and writing blogs for the website. One of the most popular songs I can remember, at least for me. Who doesn’t know “H to the Izzo” And another perfect beat from Yeezus himself. Maybe he has a point about him being that great….

5. You Don’t Know Who I Am- Alicia Keys

Probably the best non hip hop beat Kanye has made (Yes, he does make other music than hip hop) Alicia Keys has all the talent is the world too and their collaboration is something everybody should listen to. You’re welcome

4. Stand Up- Ludacris

LUDA….How can there be a list of rap songs from the 2000’s and not have a Ludacris song on it. Surprised Kanye is behind this beat? I was too when I first found out. But who doesn’t like this song? Middle school dance city

3. I Don’t Fuck With You- Big Sean

If you don’t like this beat then fuck you.

2. Takeover-Jay Z

One of the best diss tracks ever. Jay Z going in on Nas and Mobb Deep over an awesome Kanye instrumental. Once you hear “R.O.C…we runnin’ this rap shit” you know it’s gonna be a good one.

1. Overnight Celebrity- Twista

This is one of my favorite beats ever. The violin gets me everytime. Twista is a shit rapper but anyone who goes on this beat is gonna make a good song. A timeless classic

I hope this list kinda showed how much music Kanye has really been apart of over the past 15 or so years. Just listening closely to all of these songs shows off his ability. He’s such an arrogant asshole and he thinks he’s all that and a bag of chips, but holy shit this man makes good music. And I can respect anybody with that kind of talent.


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