Alessia Cara- Here

This song was released a while ago and has millions of views  on Youtube and millions of streams on Spotify but I don’t listen to the radio often so sue me for just hearing it recently.  I just write about good music that I’m listening to.  And this song is great and if you somehow haven’t heard it yet either, you’re welcome. Now that that little rant is out of the way…

We write a lot of songs that are great to party to.  But there are times when even the greatest party people need a damn break.  Ever been to a lame party or in a situation where you felt out of place?  Well Alessia Cara perfectly describes what you may have felt.  Though this song is from a female perspective, it resonates with anyone that’s ever felt like getting up from where they are and leaving for good.  I know I’ve certainly been to parties that I absolutely hated and said the exact same thing; “what am I doing here?”

Alessia has a great voice and tells a great story in this song.  The piano and guitar throughout set an awesome tone for the song and the drum kit provides a slow, calm mood for the story to be told over.  As with many popular songs, the chorus is simple, catchy, and great.  It will be stuck in your head after one listen.


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