Triple Threat for Your Weekend

G and I are tag teaming this Saturday post. He provides the words after the beats I provide the cat puns and jokes. Let’s get at it:

If you don’t enjoy the musical sensations of the King of Pop, you can beat it.  The one gloved musician created a legendary discography during his time on this Earth and one of those jams is “Beat It.”  This song is to me what catnip is to a cat.  This song is great.  It doesn’t matter who’s wrong or right, but I am, so enjoy.

Listening to this song is as easy as ABC.  The music makes me lose control.  I find myself rolling around on the floor, having involuntary muscle spasms.  I look like a cat playing with a new toy mouse on Christmas.

As a white dude myself, I concur that it is a damn good day to be a white dude.  One of Lil Dicky’s earlier jams, this song shouldn’t be taken at just face value.  The advantages of white privilege are comically exposed in this song.

Now for some cat jokes:

  • “Lets get Cat it tonight”
  • “Its Caturday”
  • “You Cat handle the truth”
  • “These songs are so Prrfect”
  • “Cat back to reality” – Eminem
  • “Tunes that will have you Feline good”

Now for a cat remix:


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