#TBT Born To Be Alive – Patrick Hernandez

This post goes out to Brady from The Pitt News for writing what can be describes as one of history’s greatests articles ever. We appreciate it (if you haven’t picked up your copy yet get on that).

This post also goes out to everyone who is extremely excited for homecoming and not giving a single shit this weekend. I just failed my Econ test is every sense of the word fail and I am ok with that because this song empowers me to be happy.

I can only hope that each and every one of us is equally as horrifying as Patrick Hernandez in this music video this weekend. Enjoy guys.

A quick P.S.

Anyone who wants to join the team and has read this far into the blog without giving up on my horrible jokes should contact one of us. We would love writers, promoters, idea havers, music lovers. We want to continue to make this team bigger and grow into an even happier family.



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