Mode- PRhyme (ft Logic)

Like bars?  If no, leave.  If yes, this song is for you.  Two ill lyricists bless this beat, produced by the legend DJ Premier (one half of the duo PRhyme), with incredible flow and wordplay in their verses.  Royce Da 5’9 (the other half of PRhyme) has been rapping forever and seems to keep getting better.  His wordplay is some of the most clever of any rapper and usually takes a few listens to truly catch everything he is saying.  He also has an extremely unique and unorthodox flow, which makes his verses that much more intricate.

On the other hand, Logic is a relatively new rapper who is currently killing it.  His debut album (Under Pressure) dropped last year and was extremely dope and his sophomore album is coming soon (November 13th).  Logic displays incredible flow and cadence in his bars on this track, including an insane internal rhyme scheme in that first verse.

A shorter version of this song was released on the “Southpaw” soundtrack and this, full length, full beast version will be on PRhyme’s upcoming deluxe edition of their self-titled first album together (which came out last December).


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