Playlist: Songs that Make You Feel Like a Bawse

Oh man oh man. ABAD365 is blessing y’all with another playlist to bump to. This playlist is a compilation of songs that make me feel like a bawse. A “bawse”, for those of you who don’t know, is an urban variation of the word “boss”, populated by rapper Rick Ross which in context has a similar meaning to awesome. When you listen to the playlist, you’ll start to see what I mean. Who doesn’t feel like a bawse when they’re “photoshoot fresh, lookin like wealth”? It’s practically impossible. In case how much you forgot how dope you are, I’ve gone ahead and put together an hour and a half of tunes that will reassure you of how much of a bawse you are. Tune in, enjoy, brush that dirt off your shoulders, and feel good about yourself. It’s only Monday, but we’re only 4 days away from Homecoming weekend. Kill those midterms, make that paper, do what you gotta do so that you can turn up this weekend when we destroy UVA this Saturday at Heinz field.


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