Us – Kaskade, CID

Kaskade just came out with another fire album. This one is called “Automatic” and every track on it is killer in my opinion. I love when Kaskade breaks down a song with dreamy female vocals and percussion and then builds it back up with synths and instrumentals.

This song is my favorite off of the album for a couple of reasons. The first time I listened to it I had no idea the drop was going to happen in that fashion. I was caught off guard like that one white girl in the club who just discovered what a drop is in house music.

tumblr_n01he1ylYE1qz581wo1_400Also the first couple of chords in the song reminded me of “Some Chords” by Deadmau5 and that gave me some chills right away.

Overall the song, just like the entire album, bumps in a chill way which Kaskade has perfected in his extensive career. Here is the rest of the album, Enjoy:


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