Artist to Look Out For: Bryson Tiller

I was doing my daily music search and came across a diamond in the rough.  I’m as new to him as you are, but I’m impressed and I want to be the one to introduce you all to the amazing talent that is Bryson Tiller.

Tiller has his first album dropping on October 2nd.  The album is called “T R A P S O U L.”  He currently has about 10 songs on his soundcloud page, which I have been perusing for the past half hour or so.  Tiller is poised to become a star in no time.  He proves he can both rap and sing well in songs like “Ease.”  He effortlessly blends trap music and R&B to create a very pleasing sound.  I truly believe this guy is going to be a household name within the next two years and I’ve only been listening to him for 30 minutes.

In an interview I read, Tiller described Drake and Omarion as huge influences for him.  And that is clear in his music.  He even remixed one of Drake’s songs “How About Now” (and it is arguably better than Drake’s version).  You be the judge.

Well I feel I’ve done my part in bringing you this superb music for the day.  Whether Bryson blows up sooner or later, just remember who put you on.  And remember to check out his album “T R A P S O U L,” out October 2nd.


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