KYLE- Remember Me? (ft Chance The Rapper)

Anything the Savemoney crew touches right now is money.  Chance The Rapper is one of the brightest young talents in hip hop today.  Vic Mensa is blowing up quick, getting co signs from the like of Kanye West.  Donnie Trumpet and the Social Experiment dropped the very excellent album “Surf” for free on iTunes (which was downloaded over 618,000 times in its first week, along with over 10 million individual song downloads).  Now it is KYLE’s turn.

I first heard KYLE on the track “Wanna Be Cool” off of “Surf.”  He has an excellent verse so I decided to check out his music and was not disappointed.  This new track is a soulful ballad of KYLE pondering about a girl remembering him.  Chance sings a beautiful hook for the song and KYLE delivers two verses filled with emotion.  KYLE’s album “Smyle,” which features this song, drops October 2nd.


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