Isaiah Rashad- Nelly

If you aren’t familiar with Isaiah Rashad yet, you need to get familiar.  He is part of the TDE label with Kendrick Lamar, Jay Rock, Ab-Soul, ScHoolboy Q, and SZA.  His music is drastically different from his label mates but equally as good. He released his debut project, titled “Cilvia Demo,” nearly two years ago and it is extremely good.  Since then, he has not put out much new music but the wait is finally over.

The song “Nelly” is a very soothing tune that I find very easy to relax to.  Isaiah compares his love life to Nelly’s career in the song.  Isaiah is trying to find “the one” but is struggling to do so despite gaining popularity just as Nelly has sold tens of millions of records in his career but has had few number 1 hits.  It is an exceptionally creative metaphor, which can be expected from such a talented artist.

Look forward to more from Rashad in the future as his new album is supposedly done and turned in, ready for release.  For a little more of a taste of his music, I’ve attached another one of his better songs, “Heavenly Father,” below.


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