#TBT: Remember the Titans Soundtrack

One of the better sports movies of all time combined with one of the best soundtracks makes a timeless classic. Every single time this is on TV I have to watch, no questions asked. Every time I hear Coach Yost’s midgame speech I feel like I can run through a brick wall like the Kool-Aid man. It’s hard to believe this movie is 15 years old but it could be 50 years old and I would still keep watching it. Above are some of the great clips from the movie and below is a spotify playlist of the soundtrack. So before you go out tonight turn the clock back to the 60’s and 70’s and enjoy this amazing collection fo songs.

Also I wanted to run through my favorite members of the Titans. Let’s do a top 5…

5. Ronnie “Sunshine” Bass (Post haircut)

The most important position is quarterback, and you can’t win without a good one. And for that reason, Sunshine has to be on the list. He may be sexually confused but he can throw the football a mile. I specify post haircut because when he has the hair he looks like Caitlyn Jenner 30 years ago

4. Petey Jones (THE Runningback Cornerback Y’all)

I chose this because of Turk, if you don’t know who Turk is then I guess we can’t be friends.

3. Louie Lastik

First of all a good team is nothing without an offensive line. And my main man Louie Lastik plugs about every hole at the same time with his vast frame. His character was definitely the one everybody liked because of his ability to get along with anyone regardless of race. And I always pull for an underdog who doesn’t think he can get into college then pull it off after some hard work. Good for you Louie, good for you

2. Gerry Bertier

Would this even be a list without Superman on it? Number 42 on the field and number 1 in your heart, Mr. Gerry Bertier. The heart and soul of the Titan football team even after his horrific incident. LEFT SIDE

  1. Blue Stanton


Blue Stanton was the unknown hero of this team and he gave them what they needed to win…Soul Power. Every locker room needs a Blue Stanton singing songs and making jokes to keep things light. Without Blue Stanton this team would’ve been dead before the first game.

I rest my case….


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