Joe Budden- Slaughtermouse (Letter To Eminem)

This song is an amazing open letter to the GOAT Eminem from Joe Budden, who is a member of the extremely dope rap group Slaughterhouse (who is signed to Eminem’s Shady Records).  Joe Budden has made a career off spilling his emotions into his raps and it has made him a well respected artist in the game.  On “Slaughtermouse,” Joe talks about many topics, ranging from his relationship with Em to record sales to asking for Em’s advice.  It is an excellent look into Joe’s mind, as we learn his true feelings about his label boss and group mates.  It’s all love (some not-so-smart people labeled this a diss at one point) and immediately jumps to one of, if not my favorite, Joe Budden song.  “Slaughtermouse” will appear on Joe Budden’s new album “All Love Lost,” which releases on October 16.


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