5 Old School #TBT You Need in Your Pregame Playlist

Pregaming is an art. At this point, the night’s a baby.  That being said, you can’t start walking before you learn to crawl. You gotta build up to what is to come.  And you do this with a few casual songs.  Get the juices going, get in the mood, and get ready to start the festivities. However, the songs you choose are critical.  Playing something too new might get people too interested in the music. Playing something to “House” might go straight to party mode, and you’ll be in the bathroom puking by 11PM.  So you need the songs that are going to be just right.

Here at abeataday, we found the songs that matter most.  Every pregame needs one thing, OLDIES! Here are five songs to pick out the outfit to or listen to while having a shower beer. Put these songs on and you will guarantee be ready for whatever the night throws at you.  Whether is a Wayback Wednesday or a Saturday night, you are now set to start your night.

Please Note: These songs can be played at any pregame or tailgate. Also, just because they’re known for pregames, doesn’t mean you can’t have a nice post game sing along.

Enjoy your weekends.



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