#TBT Lil Wayne- Stuntin Like My Daddy (ft Birdman)

No matter what you think about him now, Lil Wayne was the hottest MC in the game in the from 2004-2008.  He killed everything he touched, made multiple classic albums and mixtapes, and was nominated for 9 Grammys.  This song, “Stuntin Like My Daddy,” is one of those classics.  The beat is tough.  A perfect southern beat for one of the best southern rappers to spit over.  Wayne does not disappoint and he murks this track.  I’ve heard more than a few of his lines sampled in other songs.

I’m a big Lil Wayne fan and I really think he’s poised for a huge comeback.  He’s had a rough stretch these past couple years but this year has been different.  He has been killing his guest verses lately (listen to “M’$” with A$AP Rocky for example) and is still putting out good music like his newest song “What You Sayin,” which you can listen to below.


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