K Camp – Only Way Is Up

K Camp is starting to make quite the résumé for himself. His first album officially released on September 4th.  Only Way Is Up has been receiving excellent reviews in its first four days. I couldn’t think of a better way to give my liver a rest after this weekend than listening to it in its entirety.   A year ago he was rapping in Atlanta. Now he’s part of XXL’s Freshman Class, putting out hits like “Comfortable” and “Lil Bit.” For a “Freshman” it’s pretty impressive to have T.I., Snoop Dogg, and Jeremih featured on your album.

I recommend listening to the entire album if you like rap and have the chance.  There are two songs I think should be listened to for two completely different reasons.  The first one is “Change” featuring Jeremih.  Lyrics tell a story of K Camp’s past, and it’s always interesting to see where a new rapper gets his inspiration from.

The next song I think you should listen to is “1Hunnid.” The reason for this is because it features Fetty Wap. Which means get used to it, because everything Fetty Wap is touching right now turns to gold.  So you’ll probably be hearing it for a couple of months.


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