Empress – Morningsiders

I dont care if you listen to House music, Pop, Rap, Funk, Strictly 80’s Billy Joel or even Taylor Swift (#badblood), this song is universal. How coud you not like it? Not enjoying this song is like not liking the movie Mean Girls… you dont even go here. You mine as well be Steven Glansberg;

Now that I am relaxed again lets talk about the music. This Indie quartet from New York loves to make every song an experience. What I mean by that is that every song they create, they build a unique sound unlike anything they have done before. In one song there could be 3 minutes of intruments harmonizing and in another it could be the 4 of them singing epic chords that sound perfect.

Listening to this band is like eating at a buffet with a bottemless stomach. If you dont get that one too bad, I am not explaning it.



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