Poppin’ Pockets – Grip Grand feat. A.G. (remix)

The past couple days I have been on a music bender listening to anything and everything and I played this song and immediately replayed that dirty sample that starts the song. If Naveen aka “Tough Guy” reads this, I feel like this is your shit right here.

I had never heard of Grip Grind before this song but now I am hooked. Here is what his website bio says:

“Grip Grand is “a West Coast underground rapper/producer with a self-deprecating sense of humor”. With multiple releases on labels like Bomb Hip-Hop, Look Records, and Fifth Element (in-house label of the Rhymesayers retail store), his music has been featured everywhere from Okayplayer to XLR8R; from IGN to XXL.

Grip has worked with some of hip-hop’s finest, including A.G. of D.I.T.C.; fast-rap ruler Percee P; and Detroit legend Phat Kat. He’s had records out on international imprints with artists from Ireland to Japan. But he likes to think that his best collab was the time he rapped over a Madlib beat and then Madlib sampled him rapping over that Madlib beat. Because, really, how often does that happen?”

Naz if you are still reading you suck at basketball. But what does not suck is playing this song over and over again on this (hopefully) sunny Saturday. My brother is getting married today and I may or may not play this song after the ceremony and the guests may or may not have the best day of their lives.

Enjoy this one as well on the house:


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